Monday, July 16, 2012

Who Needs Facts This is an Election!

Our incumbent Lieutenant Governor, David Dewhurst, is squaring off with Ted Cruz, our former Solicitor General, in a heated runoff election. This election is for the Republican nomination for the senate seat vacated by Key Bailey Hutchison. Both of these candidates are being as vociferous as possible to make points and sway their base. The Texas Tribune posted a fantastic article detailing some of the allegations. There are multiple occurrences of this in the Dewhurst/Cruz runoff. Both Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst are hurling accusations and lies at each other at breakneck pace. There is little rebuttal of offenses instead focus is more on increasing slander against the opponent. Dewhurst accuses Cruz of hiding aspects of his work as a lawyer, while Cruz accuses Dewhurst of supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

The article is objective while I am not. I am not suggesting that their should not be debate, disagreement, or even outright anger between the candidates, I am saying that there should be at least a modicum of honesty when running for public office. I know, you are saying," But Ross, all politicians lie!" True they do, but we have the benefit of organizations like Politifact. I believe that the article is important because it establishes an organized timeline of the tit for tat in this runoff election. It is also an important article as it aggregates statements that need to be fact checked; as former Senator Moynihan famously said," You are entitled to your own opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts"

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