Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stop reading this and vote already!

Seriously, find your closest early voting center, learn who's on the ticket, know their position on whatever your watermark issues are and go vote. Look, everyone knows that voter turn out is low. On the Off the Kuff blog, a recent post was made that explains in statistical terms why you should vote immediately. Charles Kuffner's article explains quite deftly why we should be getting out there and making ourselves heard.

Mr. Kuffner's blog utilizes the Texas Tribune's article to show that, statistically speaking, the Dewhurst/Cruz runoff election could be decided by as few as 300,000 Texans. Kuffner extrapolates this to mean that the Democratic nomination could be decided by as few as half of that. He then quotes an article of Democratic Senate candidate Paul Sadler. Mr. Sadler pleads to a gathering of teachers the importance of voting and Mr. Kuffner echoes the sentiment. The post concludes with links to voting information on Harris County. He doesn't belabor the point, instead letting the other articles stand on their own merit while linking them together into a undeniably strong point of view.

His reasoning is very clear, though I feel he is a little too optimistic about Democratic chances this election. With the exception of his partisan bent, I find it hard to disagree with his positions on any of this. Texas has over 25 million residents. Maybe a million will vote in the runoffs and that will be split between both parties. This leaves roughly 300,000 deciding the Republican nominee and thereby the next US Senator for Texas. That is less than percent of Texans deciding who holds power in Texas for the next six years. Off the Kuff has compiled the information, put it all in context, and given (some of us) information about when and where to vote. There is not much to complain about in his article so save the left versus right debate for another day. Right now, it's time to vote.

Kuffner, Charles. "Your Vote Is worth 30 times What It Usually Is." Off the Kuff.  July 2012. Web. 24 July 2012. <http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=46574>.

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